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Jun 4, 2009

First abstract words

During our vacation, I have had much more time to be with baby Daniel than at home, and I have been able to observe his talking skills more closely. I also think that, by hearing French from me and German from my husband a lot more than usual, he drastically improved his understanding of these 2 languages in the last couple of weeks. Maybe, it might have been a coincidence, and a trend that will continue after our vacation: Daniel is just able to master enough sounds now to feel more confident trying to repeat every new word he hears. In any case, these last 2 weeks have made a huge difference in Daniel's vocabulary. New words include "fleur" (flower), "taxi", "ameise"/"fourmi" (aunt), "bateau"/"boat", "frosch" (frog), "gateau" (cookie), "lune"/"mond" (lune).
What I have found most interesting was to observe Daniel start to understand abstract concepts. Right before leaving for vacation, I tried to introduce him to the concept of "hot".

The weather at home was really nice, and it was a great opportunity to teach that the car was hot, the playground was hot, etc... I didn't expect this concept to stick much, though. Still, since then Daniel has not only been able to communicate when an environment is hot, but he also uses the word when expressing that the water is hot, food is hot, etc...Daniel even understands that smoke or a sunny spot on the ground are associated with something hot.
Additionally, Daniel seems to now grasp the concept of ownership. He currently uses English to express it, but the word "my" had definitely become part of his active vocabulary. He uses it in the right context and with a strong expression that shows that he understands how he could use it to his advantage.
With the additional sounds and the ability to understand abstract concepts, I expect that Daniel's talking skills will improve even faster now. We will see what happens when we put English back in the mix, when we return from vacation.

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  1. Just wait... The word "no" usually pops up around 20 months. That's when things get fun!