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Jul 12, 2009

How was your weekend?

When going back to work on Monday mornings, my colleagues and I often ask each other how our respective weekends were. Most of them don't have kids, and they usually talk about the great unique things they did during this particular weekend: went to a live concert, went rafting in the wilderness, spent an entire day at the spa, etc... Against these exciting activities, my weekend summary sounds quite dull (and pretty much the same every week), and yet, I am usually happy with my it. I used to be the type of person who has a full weekend schedule, from working out to taking all types of classes to meeting with friends. But things have changed when our baby came along...

My husband and I both work full time. Since our son was born, our weekend plans have shifted from traveling and enjoying the great outdoors as much as possible, to catching up on sleep and spending time with our 18-month old son. By now, we have established a routine that usually allows us to do just that. And, honestly, at this point, this is just the right thing. Incredible how one's perspective changes when kids are added to the equation!
For our weekend routine, I usually take Daniel on Saturday morning (I go to an excellent Baby Boot camp class with him - a great way to stay in shape, meet other moms and other kids), and my husband does the Sunday morning shift (he and Daniel regularly do our weekly shopping together, which Daniel enjoys a lot). That way, each of us gets a chance to sleep in once a week. Then, in the afternoon, we usually enjoy activities such as going to the playground, meeting with friends, going to the pool, going out for coffee/dinner locally, etc... We might do some of these activities together or we alternate, depending on how much work each of us has to work over the weekend. When we have a lot of energy, we might include a bigger program, such as going to the Oakland zoo (very well done for young kids), Deer Hollow Farm, or going to see the beach. Daniel really seems to enjoy going to the playground or the pool, so it sounds like this routine works for him as well.
Spending this weekend time together allows us to notice Daniel's progress better, and most importantly to enjoy being with him more than during the week. This weekend, highlights would be: his excitement when playing with bowls in the water; his sharing his toys with another baby at Baby Boot Camp (so cute), and his first attempts at driving his tricycle by himself (almost there but not quite).
Is it too little to expect from a weekend? Would we want to trade these experiences for the times when we could have true adventures during the weekend? Not sure for now.
We still have more exciting adventures with Daniel during our vacations, but we like the current pace of our weekends when we have to work all week. I expect that, when Daniel is older, we will probably want to go back to more active weekends, and it will be fun to have him around when we do so. It might take a few more years until he is able to participate in the type of weekends we had before he was born, though.

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