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Jul 28, 2009

Meeting Thomas The Train

Last weekend, we brought our 18-month old toddler to "meet Thomas the train" at Roaring Camp Railroad. While Roaring Camp Railroads is open all year around and hosts various events, this one was special. It staged the characters of the Thomas The Train series, a children's favorite. The whole event included a 25-minute ride on Thomas the train, a Thomas puppet theater, Thomas tattoos, hay bale, bouncy house. Daniel had great time.

At first, we were not sure if he liked it... He was very serious during the ride and didn't want to talk to us or do anything with us. He wanted to stand by himself in the train and stare at it. Nothing could distract him from his "mission". We were concerned that it might be too much for him to absorb in one day... When we left, though, we realized how much he had enjoyed the ride, just in his own way. He was so sad to leave that he couldn't stop crying for maybe 10 minutes! Our typical, very communicative Daniel was back!

Fortunately, there were other activities for him to do, which he ended up enjoying as well. The hay bale and the bouncy house were a hit.

I am not sure Daniel know what this was exactly, but he liked hiding behind the set.

The drive there was quite long (1.5 hours each way), but we think it was worth it. Daniel is currently in his train phase, and he definitely learned a lot from being own a real train. We went there with 2 other families with other kids, so it was a great way to catch up and keep the kids entertained.

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