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Aug 7, 2009

The perfect evening...

Had to write this... Tonight was such a great evening and I wanted to capture some of the highlights. As I have written before, Daniel is currently a lot of fun at his age (18 months), although we are seeing tantrums and strong will show up more and more. We definitely experienced some of it during our trip in Yellowstone.
Tonight was one of these evenings that couldn't have been better.

I picked up Daniel from daycare, and he was very excited to see me (this is quite usual). However, the good part today was that he didn't make too much fuss getting into the car. Sometimes it takes us forever to go from the daycare to the parking lot, because he keeps wanting to go back to daycare, to say good-bye to the teachers, wave to the other kids, hug the teddy bears, etc... This is a long process.
In the car, Daniel discovered books I had picked up from the library, and started to read them happily by himself. I hadn't seen them myself, so I didn't quite know what he was looking at and couldn't do much to read with him (I was driving after all). But
he seemed to be completely in control and satisfied.

We stopped by a park along the way. It had been a while (probably 2 weeks) since we hadn't been at this park. When Daniel saw we were stopping, he was soooo excited. Did I say he was excited? I should have recorded his reaction. So great! Daniel played very well in the park, sharing his sand toys with other kids with no complaining, trying the different activities. Right when it was getting colder, Daniel decided by himself it was time to go back to the car to read his new books again (that was also a first... I usually have to drag him out of the park).

Once at home, Daniel played by himself for a long time, building towers, playing with his shape-toys, telling himself stories (I think), cleaning (he loves using his toy broom or wipes like a big boy). And he was so happy the entire time, laughing and talking excitedly. This allowed me to do laundry, clean up the kitchen, prepare dinner, check email, all with no complaining at all... I am sure any mom would appreciate that this alone made the evening amazing and much better than expected.

Dinner went well too. Daniel interacted with us a lot, and he was very cuddly.

Oh, and this entire time, he didn't ask much for his pacifier (he even brought it back to his crib as he is supposed to). This is something that had been concerning us for the last few weeks: Daniel seemed to be asking for his pacifier more and more during the day, although we had come to a point before where he only needed it at sleep time. Hopefully, tonight was a first step toward using the pacifier less and less.

Anyways, this was a great evening. Funny how expectations and criteria for a great evening change when you become a parent, don't they?

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