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Sep 28, 2009

Gratitude Challenge, Day 7

I am a little bit behind in the Gratitude Challenge, as I was sick over the weekend. So, I am catching up now with Day 7, which couldn't have come at a better moment. The challenge is about posting a picture of something I am grateful of.
I actually have a lot of pictures to choose from, from this past weekend. Now I need to disclose that I didn't take the pictures myself. My husband is into photography these days, and he just bought a new camera he is experimenting with. So covering all great photo opportunities (which I am actually thankful for too).
But the subject of the pictures is exactly what I would have taken myself: our 20-month old son. Usually smiling and playful, often very focused and intense, always very interested in learning about the world and now starting to tell us stories. He is so much fun!
Here some shots from the weekend... Enjoy.

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