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Sep 13, 2009

Toddler personalities and interests

I remember my first dinner with friends after Daniel was born, when he was about 3 weeks old. My friends asked me if I was already seeing personality emerge in this little baby that was barely opening his eyes and whose most frequent sounds were crying. At the time, I had to say that I didn't have any sense for what Daniel would develop into.
I just knew that genetically, there was a good chance that he would be somewhat technical (his dad is an engineer, coming from a family of scientists), and I was hoping he would carry some of my interest for music. Other than that, everything was up in the air.

Now, at 20 months, Daniel's personality and interests have clearly emerged. At around 12 months, he started showing a fascination for vehicles and everything technical, which has grown stronger since then. I really think that these are interests he developed by himself, as we didn't do anything to push him (we are usually behind in terms of buying age-appropriate toys. We take note for things he shows interest in before adding more toys to his collection). Daniel's teacher at daycare also mentioned that Daniel is the technical toddler in her class, always interested in learning how things work. Fortunately, he also seems to be interested in music, enjoying the weekly music class and starting to sing and dance a lot at home.

So, when I dropped Daniel at daycare the other day, it was very telling to see that he rushed to play with the cars that were waiting in a corner: driving up and down, seeing if we can make a car push the other, etc... Unfortunately, the teacher's plan for that morning time was to have kids do painting activities outside. It took a few minutes to convince Daniel to let his cars go and join his friends to paint. By the time I was ready to leave (after spending just a few minutes putting the sippy cup in the fridge and filling in the daily sheet), Daniel was already "all done" with painting, ready to go back inside, back to the cars.

I didn't have the time to wait and see how the teacher responded. But I left thinking that Daniel is really starting to express a personality, and that I am slowly getting a sense for what he is becoming: possibly a little replica of us (his dad?), with similar interests. Neither my husband or I are good at drawing or creative arts, and it sounds like it's not Daniel's passion either.

Factor of genetic or the environment? Given that Daniel is exposed to the same exact activities and toys as the rest of his friends at daycare (where he spends most of his awake time), I tend to believe that his personality is mostly related to genetic... But who knows, I am not an expert, and Daniel is only 20-months old.

Anyone wants to guess what Daniel will be when he is older?


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