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Oct 2, 2009

Seeing the glass half full

Today's focus for the Gratitude Challenge was to see the glass half full, and be kind to others. This was a good task for a Friday: last day of a busy week at work (with a lot still to do!), and a week where my husband had been traveling (i.e. I was by myself with Daniel).
It would have been easy to find things to complain about: too much work, computer too slow, co-workers not responding fast enough, time going by too fast, my husband's job that includes a significant amount of traveling, and why not even complain about the colder weather, because now I can't take Daniel to the park in the evening any more?
But the challenge allowed me to see things from a different perspective, and helped me make the most out of my not-so-good-sounding Friday.

First, regarding work. I should be lucky to have a job, and not only that, an exciting and rewarding job. Yes, it's a lot of work, but I usually like being busy and doing things. Plus, we are getting into the Holiday season, which I love (call me crazy!). Yes, it has its difficult moments, but usually, I like the action and I am OK with the workload that comes with it.

My team is great, and very performance-driven. Everyone tries to do their best to support each other. Yes, sometimes, things go slower than what I would like, but it's because there is a lot going on. It's not that people are not doing their part. So I should also return the support and help them as much as I can.

Finally, my new work is closer to Daniel's daycare, which makes my commute much easier, even when my husband isn't here.

As for my time alone with Daniel, it turned out to be very good. We couldn't spend much time at the park, but Daniel enjoyed reading a lot of books with me. Long time ago, Daniel decided my husband is the designated reader (he is more lively than me when telling stories, and it makes a difference), so it was good not to have "competition" and to let Daniel catch up with French. At 20 months, Daniel also started to be able to play by himself very well (especially with trains and puzzles), so he required less exclusive focus than a few months ago. It made it easier for me.

And when my husband comes back from his trip tomorrow, he will be energized to play with Daniel, so that I might be able to have some more time for myself this weekend.

Does my Friday really sound so bad now? I don't think so. It was actually a good Friday. And I am thankful for having these types of days from time to time.

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