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Apr 26, 2010

Time of changes

These few weeks are expected to be quite eventful for us. First, we moved to a new place a week ago, and then, there is the new baby, expected at the end of next week (really meaning any time between now and the next 2 weeks!). This also means a series of visitors in our new home: first my husband's parents and then my parents who will be coming to help with the baby. Busy time!

We didn't really plan for all of it to happen at the same time. But after looking for a new place for 6+ months (and granted, being very picky about it), we just found the -almost- perfect place a few weeks ago. So we had to take advantage of it, and organized the move pretty quickly. All in all, it went well. Given that I can't carry much or bend much at this point in the pregnancy, we got a lot of help with the move, and this turned out to be very beneficial (ok, my husband worked like crazy as well). After a week in the house, we have already settled in. All boxes are empty, and we have all the furniture in the right place. We love our new place!

Daniel seems to be doing well with the new "big house" too. He was very excited when we started telling us about the moving truck that would pick up our stuff. The notion of his bed and toys being in a big truck was particularly fascinating to him. For the few days before the move, he would point at every truck he saw, asking if it was our truck. At some point, he even decided that he wanted our moving truck to be blue. This was a strict criteria! Fortunately, the moving company we used had a blue logo. Phew!

Daniel ended up being very easy going on the day of the move: he spent hours watching the movers pack our items in the truck. This was fascinating to him. I was concerned that he wouldn't like the idea of them taking his belongings away. But he didn't seem to mind. He even fell asleep for his nap right away in the new room (Ok, it was 1.5 hours past his naptime, after an exciting morning, so no real surprise after all)

Adapting to the new house was a little bit tougher. In the first afternoon, Daniel kept repeating that he wanted to "go home", meaning the old house. We had to comfort him that this was his new home, and the old home was gone. This was tough! But we emphasized the positive, and he was quickly dancing at the idea that he has now a bigger room and more storage for his toys! That said, even after a week, he still asks about the small and the big houses. I think he misses the old house, his first house... And we need to remind him that there is now only the big house.

Now we are on to the next challenge: the transition to life with baby. We set up the crib and some of the baby stuff in the new home. Most of it is in our master bedroom, and I think Daniel is realizing that the baby will get to sleep closer to mom and dad than he will. This is a disturbing thought to him. This past week, Daniel has often asked to come sleep in our bed. He even asked to sleep in the baby crib yesterday! I think he is starting to understand the implications of this baby thing we have been talking about for a while.

Hopefully, he will have a few more days to adapt to the new house before another major change takes place. This could potentially be the biggest of all transitions he has had to live through so far.

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