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May 16, 2010

Toddler fun: visiting farms in the South Bay

Our 2-year old son has been interested in animals from the youngest age. And indeed, many of his first words were animal sounds. In the past year, we have looked for ways to foster this interest in animals, and have tried to find farms to visit around the Bay Area. Today, we discovered a new one that we are very excited about. We now have quite a few options, which will become handy as we will need to find entertainment options for Daniel and his new sister for the next several years.

The farms we have visited include:
* Hidden Villa Farm: Animals include pigs, cows, chicken, sheep. There is also a nice garden with a variety of plants and crops. The farm is easy to walk to from the parking lot, and it's quite compact. It has a limited number of animals, though.

* Deer Hollow Farm (Rancho San Antonio park): This is a small farm with one cow, sheep and goats, pigs, rabbits and chicken. It's about a mile away from the parking lot, so you will need to take a stroller (preferably jogger) or your kid will need to be able to walk long distances.

* Ardenwood Farm: This is actually more than an animal exhibit. It is a complete farm, restored over the grounds of an old one. It includes the mansion, nice lawns incl. gazebo, various barns, a collection of old tractor pieces, a blacksmith, an old train. As far as animals are concerned, we could see sheep, goats, a cow, horses, chicken and turkeys (free range) and birds in an aviary. The size of the farm is quite extensive, but still manageable for a 2-year old on foot (one-way... we took the train on the way back). I think it could be a great destination in the summer, it could be very pleasant for picnics, and there are many picnic areas.

Daniel running after the free range chicken
ardenwood farm free range chicken

On the way back to the entrance in the historical train
ardenwood farm train

I will add to the list when I come across other interesting destinations. Do you know any other interesting farms for kids in the Bay Area?

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  1. Thanks for the tips! we just took Daniella to Happy Hallow last weekend. not exactly a farm, but they do have a petting zoo area with lots of baby goats. You can pet and also feed them. The rest of the park is setup more like a zoo. I bet there are some farms/petting zoos out in Half Moon Bay but I haven't researched it yet. Let me know if you find any new ones!