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Jun 27, 2010

Bye-bye diapers!

This week has been a good week for Daniel. At almost 2.5, he has achieved 2 big milestones: stopping to use the pacifier all together and getting rid of diapers during the day. We are very excited he is eager to move on and become a big boy despite seeing his little sister being able to keep her diapers and pacifier.

Potty training hasn't been that difficult after all. We had thought it would happen earlier this year, when Daniel started to show interest in the potty. However, once his curiosity faded out, he resisted trying for a while. With all the other changes happening in the family, we didn't insist at the time. But when we realized that Daniel was doing so well getting used to life with a baby sister in the new house, we tried again. The process took about a month from there.

The motivation was being able to wear big boy underwear featuring his favorite characters (and for some reason, he insisted on finding Bob The Builder underwear, which turned out to be challenging. But thanks to online search engines, I was able to find a small retailer selling them). He would be allowed to wear them for a few minutes each time he used the potty. This was fun for a while. We still went through a little back and forth when the new underwear became less exciting and when Daniel realized that wearing diapers had its advantages (after a few accidents). However, we persisted, and tried to reinforce the progress. After a while, using the potty became a routine and Daniel even started telling us in advance when he had to go. He has now been wearing underwear all day for a week. We still had a couple of accidents, but he doesn't seem to be discouraged. So I count it as a success! Almost done with diapers!

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  1. Nice job Daniel! I just bought D some Hello Kitty and Princess underwear. We will begin potty training this summer, I think. Wish us luck!