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Jun 27, 2010

Bye-bye pacifier!

This week has been a good week for Daniel. At almost 2.5, he has achieved 2 big milestones: stopping to use the pacifier all together and getting rid of diapers during the day. We are very excited he is eager to move on and become a big boy despite seeing his little sister being able to keep her diapers and pacifier.

Isn't he so much cuter without the pacifier?
(disclaimer: photo to the left was taken 9 months ago)

Letting the pacifier go took a while. After several attempts at getting rid of the pacifier last year, we had managed to make some progress earlier this year, when Daniel accepted to not use the pacifier during the day. It was such a great milestone for us. That said, he would still want to use the pacifier for sleeping. This meant that the pacifier was still around, and he was able to "trick us" into using it during the day from time to time. For instance, he would claim that he was tired at 7:30 pm and wanted to go to bed with his pacifier. (his usual bedtime is usually around 9pm). 10 minutes later, he would have had the rest he needed, and he would get up, leaving the pacifier in the bed. This opened the door to a lot of grey area situations, and some frustrations.

Recently, though, we had an opportunity to get rid of pacifiers all together. Daniel started chewing on them so much, that several of them got distorted within a few days of each other. We had to throw some pacifiers away and this was an opportunity for a long discussion about the pacifiers' journey from the garbage bag into the garbage truck, etc... We also warned that, if all 6 current pacifiers got distorted, we wouldn't buy a new pacifier. This would be the end.

For some reason, the story he told his teachers at daycare was that a ladybug had taken his pacifiers away. And from that moment, he didn't even want to use a pacifier for naptime at school (we had brought a good one as a replacement). Daniel still insisted in using a pacifier for night time at home. We let him do it for a few more days. But after a night when I had to get up in the middle of the night to help him find the pacifier he had lost, I decided to force the transition. Surprisingly enough, we didn't get a lot of pushback when we suggested Daniel to try falling asleep without a pacifier. He just claimed he didn't want to go to sleep yet, and somehow managed to stay awake and fit until about 10pm. He was probably trying to avoid having to deal with the new reality as long as possible. But once he was in bed, there was very little protest and he fell asleep shortly after. The next morning, he was very proud to be pacifier-free like a big boy, with 2 good (un-chewed) pacifiers to spare! We are relieved, and I hope this means no more getting up in the middle of the night to find a lost pacifier!


  1. how did you get him to stop wearing diapers in the day? My two year old doesn't even seem to understand...

  2. We first had him sit on the potty with no real expectations, really, just so that he gets used to it. Sometimes, it would work, sometimes nothing would happen.
    At some point, he would be able to master when to do it, and stay dry in between. We had to time it, and put him on the potty every 45-60 minutes or so. We still had quite a few accidents, but we decided to migrate to underwear when he was dry for most of the day. For a few weeks, we had a lot of laundry to do. But this steps seemed to have taught him to pay more attention. Just recently he started to tell us when it was time. He has been accident-free for 3 weeks now!
    I hope this helps.