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Jun 30, 2010

Living in a car seat...

It's funny how having a baby for the second time is a very different experience for me than with Daniel. I guess this must the "experienced mom" syndrome! It's very clear when I look at my activity schedule this time vs. last. Charlotte and I go out a lot!
Some of these activities are inevitable, result of having an older child. We need to pick him up at daycare every day, we go to the park or other kid-friendly places during the weekend. With a toddler around, we have to go out and entertain him before it's too late!
But also, I am choosing to do more myself too. I have found these excellent mom and baby yoga and fitness classes (Blossom Birth for yoga, Baby Boot Camp for fitness). I also want to enjoy the nice summer weather and go out for walks, meet friends or attend events at Daniel's school, which I usually don't get to do when I work full time. In short: I like to go out a lot this time.
And since Charlotte comes along with me, she ends up spending a lot of time in her car seat (which is also used for a stroller)

Charlotte has gotten used to sleeping in her car seat, which is probably the best use of the time for her. Now that she is more awake during the day, I try to let her play at home while she is alert, and I will time my activities for when she is supposed to sleep. This works out pretty well... except that Charlotte isn't learning to sleep in her bed much during the day. It makes it more difficult for her to fall asleep by herself in the rare instances when we are at home for nap time. Also, Charlotte has already started to dislike being in the car seat. When she isn't ready to sleep, she must find it difficult to be strapped in a small space, right when she wants to try to move. And she has experienced this frustration often enough already to complain when I put her in her car seat.

If she doesn't learn to fall asleep in her bed, at least I am hoping she is learning to be flexible and to appreciate being on the go to discover new things. For instance, it turns out that she loves watching the trees during my Baby Boot Camp class, something I wouldn't have thought of exposing her to, weren't it for this class. I hope she finds some type of benefit in our packed activity schedule.

I will only be on maternity leave for a few more weeks. After this, things will settle down anyways, as Charlotte will be attending daycare. There, she will be able to play with all the baby toys, and sleep in her crib, but she won't be going out much any more. So she should enjoy my activities while they last, right?


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