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Jun 18, 2010

Processing the new routine with the baby

Daniel has been doing really well with his new sister. He doesn't show much jealousy, and is trying to help her when he feels she needs it (which is every time she cries even just a little...) although his response is often more aggressive than it should be - we are working on it! I mentioned the other day how understanding life stages seems to help a lot.
Our routine has inevitably changed, though. While Daniel is doing well adapting, he is still processing the change. Yesterday's role play was telling.

When Charlotte was born, we were told it would be a good idea for Daniel to also get a present... since the new sister would be getting many. Given that Daniel seemed to be interested in babies, we gave him a doll, his first doll (he is a guy after all). He was very excited at first, like he is with any new present. However, the interest didn't last long and the doll spent the last 6 weeks on the shelf. However, this changed yesterday.

All of a sudden, Daniel played a scenario with her that replicated our new morning routine. Often, Daniel hears Charlotte crying in the early morning, when he is about to wake up. He usually gets up pretty quickly after that and finds me nursing her in the bed. I tell him to wait until I am done nursing and burping before we can all have breakfast and get ready for school.

Well, yesterday, that's exactly what he did. He pretended he was nursing and burping the baby in his bed. While doing that, he clearly told me to wait until we could all eat. Then, we pretended to have breakfast. To my surprise, he even continued the play by bringing the baby to school and having her say Good Bye, something that must be hard on him right now since I am staying at home.

Very interesting play. Our routine has changed after all. And while he doesn't seem to be affected too much, he has noticed. Hopefully, he can continue to use role play with the new doll to help process the changes, so that he is still easy-going even with the new sister

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