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Jul 4, 2010

Loving Tinyprints greeting cards

I mentioned earlier in the spring that my company, Tinyprints, had launched a new type of cards, customizable, unique Greeting Cards. I was already expecting these cards to be a life saver for me. That said, I hadn't really thought about the way I would use them beyond the typical birthday or anniversary cards.
The last couple of months have given me an opportunity to take advantage of the service to create personalized Thank You cards.

With all the presents we received following our baby's birth, I found a perfect opportunity to showcase our beautiful girl wearing the nice outfit that each person had given us. Each of our friends got a Thank You card specifically speaking to and showing how Charlotte was wearing the outfit. I got really good feedback about the cards.

Where I got the most fun, though, was preparing Thank You cards for the grand-parents. We were lucky to have both sets of grand-parents come to live with us for a few weeks each, to help with the transition. They were wonderful, playing with Daniel (and bringing him a lot of new presents), taking care of Charlotte and helping us settle into the new house. They deserved a special Thank You. So, I put together a collage of the best pictures we had taken during their stay, highlighting the key events. I had to use the template of a birthday card for it, but since I could customize all the text, it worked out perfectly.

Here is an example:
Tinyprints greeting card used for personalized Thank You card
The inside had a family photo with the grand-parents and kids. The back had a small picture of the baby smiling with the comment: See you soon.

And the cards got the exact effect I was hoping for. Right on the day they arrived, my mother-in-law emailed us with the comment: "This is the highlight of my week, so beautiful for me to brag about it. (I already showed it to my neighbours.) I am keeping the card as one of my treasures for the rest of my life!"(translated from German). My parents loved theirs too!
Yay! So glad the cards made our parents that happy. This was exactly the intent and we couldn't have done it with any other card.
Thank you, Tinyprints!

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