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Jul 6, 2010

The optimistic toddler

Over the last few weeks, it has occurred to me that our 2 year old son has an optimistic view of the world. A couple of recent examples:

When looking at pictures of babies together with just their moms or with no parents at all, Daniel first asks where the missing parents are. He quickly adds: "But don't worry they are coming back." So cute that he always expects the parents to accompany the babies, and for him to be so confident parents are coming back.
When breaking or scratching a toy, Daniel's usual reaction is: "It's OK, the owie will go away" (because that's what we tell him when he hurts himself)
When spilling something on his T-shirt, he tells us: "it's OK, we can wash it."

I think it is normal and healthy at his age to be optimistic. We don't want to scare him by telling him stories of parents not coming back or by turning every issue to a negative event. That said, I know that eventually, Daniel will have to learn a harder reality, one where not everything ends with a positive note. Yes, sometimes people are not nice. Yes, sometimes things happen that can't be repaired. Yes, sometimes he does things that, although harmless, can upset parents.

I am wondering at what age he will need to learn these things and what his reaction will be. Has anyone had this experience already?

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