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Sep 4, 2010

Easy kids

If I was superstitious, I shouldn't write this post. I am probably going to regret bragging about my easy kids. But I can't help. I am so excited and grateful for the current balance in our house. It's a lot of fun.
I started working again this week, and I was bracing myself for a lot of stress, especially from the kids who might not appreciate the new (time-crunched) routine. I ended up being quite seamless.

Charlotte in particular was a hero. Not only did she just go back to her routine of sleeping through the night right before I went back to work (a challenge due to jetlag after our recent trip). She just continued to be really easy going overall. We can leave her on her play mat for 45 minutes or so while getting everyone else ready, and she doesn't complain once. She can entertain herself very well. She loves going to daycare and seems to feel very comfortable with her teachers. She tags along with us when we go out, which we do a lot with our 2.5 year-old. And she never seems to be bothered by the new environment or the change to her routine. Also, she is very patient when she is hungry. The other day, we spent a fair amount of time at the park while she was starting to show signs of hunger (eating her fingers, etc...), but she didn't start crying or anything. She waited and when we finally came back home, she gulped a huge bottle. She was that hungry! And last, but not least, she usually falls asleep by herself, without any need for rocking, singing, pacifier or anything. She requires so little work and I can't remember the last time I heard her cry, this is amazing!

As for Daniel, he is also in a good phase. Since we came back from vacation, he has been happy to get back to a more regular routine. And actually, the fact that I am working again might help in that regard. He is so much more cooperative and doesn't throw the tantrums he showed a few weeks ago.
He has also developed into a self-sufficient little man. Now that there isn't away an adult to help him when he needs help, he has learned to try to figure out a solution by himself. He doesn't seem to mind to be on his own more often than before. Even when we go to the playground and I have to take care of Charlotte, he happily plays by himself, and he has learned how to climb high structures or use the swing without my help. He has never complained about the lack of support.

I hope this phase continues. It makes having 2 kids really enjoyable. Did I jinx it now?

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