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Sep 5, 2010

First full sentence in French

It was a big surprise to me, but Daniel today said his first full sentence in French. I had not expected this to happen at this point, given Daniel's strong preference for English right now. That said, I had noticed that, since we came back from our trip to Europe, where he started adapting to the local language more, he had been using more French words with me, and he seemed faster at picking new words I would teach him.
I was still thinking that we were months away from him being able to use all the French words in a sentence. He seemed so much fluent in English.

But today, he saw Charlotte drop a spoon she was playing with and said: "la cuillere est tombee". All words in French, and correct!

I am very excited about this milestone. Maybe Daniel will turn out to be bi- or trilingual eventually!

Update after 2 weeks: Daniel is definitely on a trajectory to speak French more fluently. At this point, he says about 2-3 correct French sentences a day (especially encouraging since I only see him for 3-4 hours a day). His use of French vocabulary has increased as well. So it looks like we might be onto a big milestone.

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