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Sep 15, 2010

From the mouth of my toddler

I have decided to try to keep a record of all the great comments from my kids over the next few years. I know I have already forgotten so many of the great conversations I had with Daniel over the past months, now that he is so good at communicating. I know this stage won't last forever, so I don't want to forget what it was. Here is a sample of the cute comments he recently made. I will update as the list grows.

June 2010
Sunday morning (very early): "Mom, I love your hair, it's so beau-ti-ful"

I am watching both kids, so having Charlotte in her bouncer by the bathroom door. Daniel in the bathtub. Charlotte grabs one of the toys for one of the first times in her life. I encourage her, Daniel continues playing. 2 minutes later: he says "I am happy."
I respond: "Great, it's fun to take a bath, isn't it?".
Daniel:"No, I am happy because Charlotte was able to grab her toy."

July 2010
After visiting the California Academy, I ask Daniel: What was your favorite part? (He just started to understand the concept of favorite and uses it all the time)
Daniel: Mama
Me: No, I mean, your favorite part in the museum
Daniel: Mama
Me: What was your favorite among the animals you saw at the museum? Was it the penguins or the alligator or the butterflies?
Daniel: Mama
... Priceless!
August 2010
Daniel and Charlotte are both playing in the kids room (with their own age-appropriate toys). I come in and Daniel tells me very proudly that Charlotte has been playing with the elephant and moving it back and forth. He says: "I told her: Good job, Charlotte!" Mama very proud!

September 2010
Shopping at the mall, we see one of the public telephones on the wall. Daniel: "Why is there an iPhone at the wall"? Yes, we live in Silicon Valley!

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