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Oct 28, 2010

Happy 6-month birthday, little girl

Charlotte just turned 6 months today. She is a big baby already: 99 percentile in length!

She continues to be a very good sleeper. She actually sleeps a lot for her age. Even her teachers at daycare have noticed. She can easily still take 4 naps a day and gets tired after 1 good hour of activity. But she is still developing at the right pace (I think), so this might just be her way of processing things. She needs the rest in order to work very actively when she is awake. And I don't mind!

Among other updates, Charlotte can now sit by herself with no support, although she gets tired quickly and she might start fussing or even falling after 5 or so minutes. She can roll from back to front, and is trying to turn the other way too, with limited success so far. She is getting more comfortable being on her tummy for a while, and she is trying to push into crawling. She is still months away, I think.

Just this last week, Charlotte started saying "mama". Not sure if this has the right meaning quite yet, but Charlotte definitely uses this word to communicate with us. The other day, she called after me, right after I left the room. Not sure if she knew what she was asking for, but it was much better than crying, and it was rewarded with me coming back to see her right away. Hopefully, this will be a good incentive for her to continue practicing speaking.

Charlotte started solids a couple of weeks ago. She seems to like it, although it might just be the fun of chewing on the spoon more than the food itself. She is starting to get the hand of it for swallowing. Hopefully, things will get less messy as she gets the technique. We will add more variety in her diet in the weeks to come.

Oh, and as an additional update: 2 teeth starting piercing on her 6-month birthday.

Progress, progress.

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