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Oct 3, 2010

Mobility 101

I should have known that this wouldn't last. Charlotte has been such an easy baby and happy baby so far... to the point that I even had concerns that she might be quite introvert, not really demanding anything and hard to upset.

Well, this has changed, like 180 degrees, in 2 weeks. Charlotte started rolling, and with that, she discovered a whole new world of possibilities. The idea of lying on a play mat for hours doesn't sound that great any more, and she wants to move, constantly. Except that she can only roll in one direction and she ends up on her tummy, completely lost and frustrated because she can't go anywhere. She looks as if she wants to try to crawl but she isn't even able to move an inch. She is starting to sit by herself quite well, but she puts herself out of balance from trying to reach to toys far away. So she ends up in a position she doesn't like, helpless. And this generates lots, lots of crying.. all weekend long!

What happened to our quiet baby? Part of me is relieved that Charlotte is showing interest in moving and discovering new things. It means that she is not that passive after all. But I know that we will be going through a couple of hard weeks, until Charlotte is able to master some basic moving skills. I can't remember when Daniel started rolling in both directions, but I know he crawled at 7.5 months. This is another 2.5 months away. Long time to be frustrated!

I hope that Charlotte won't end up moving too much during her sleep, until she is able to master rolling on both sides. Daniel went through a phase where he would wake up on his tummy in the middle of the night. He would get so panicked/frustrated that he would cry for 1 hour in the middle of the night. I am fine with the crying during the day, but I sure hope that Charlotte continues at least to be a good sleeper. Fingers crossed!

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