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Nov 21, 2010

Boy vs. Girl behaviors

Now that we are getting into the winter time, it's getting more difficult to go outside to let Daniel run and climb. But he definitely needs the running and climbing, as proven by his choice of activities during rainy days. Daniel has been spending a large part of the past weekends putting together all kinds of constructions (using pillows, stepping stools, even legos) to replicate climbing structures. Our couch has become his favorite place to jump and our carpet is perfect for rolling. It also seems that Daniel got inspired by the circus performance we attended a few weeks ago. He loves to have us sit around the carpet and gives us his "athletic" performance. We try to offer other, more quiet activities. But within a few minutes, Daniel is back to his props, preparing the next construction.

I am wondering how much is driven by character vs. how much comes from the fact that he is a boy.

Yesterday, we went to a dinner where we met another 2.5 year old boy and a 2-year old girl. While the 2 boys enjoyed themselves jumping and rolling on an old mattress, the little girl was a lot more shy, playing with a stuffed horse on the side. Also, the 2 babies that were there (Charlotte and another 3-month old baby girl) were very calm. Not surprising for Charlotte, she seems to just be a quiet baby. But it was interesting that the other 2 girls in the party had similar behavior while the boys had much too much energy. Was it just coincidence, or is this how nature has addressed gender differences? It would be an fascinating topic to research on if I had time besides my more-than-full-time job at Tinyprints, which by the way has the best Holiday cards this year. Maybe when the kids are older? By then, I might have come to a conclusion with my own experiment...

Quick update and additional thought: Daniel seems to be currently fascinated by the idea of fighting against monsters. He thinks of a variety of scenarios (monster attacking his little sister, monster coming in our car, etc...), and he explains what he will do to fight it. This always involves hitting, biting and kicking. I like to see that Daniel sees himself as the fearless and resourceful hero. I assume all kids go through that phase of learning to deal with challenges, but I am wondering if boys and girls process this the same way. Do all kids think about fighting monsters at some point, or just boys? It will be interesting to see what Charlotte has to say about this in a few years.

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  1. Definitely a boy vs. girl. I've done "observational" research on my friends' kids. Boys = running and loud. Girls at any age = calm, interactive play.