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Nov 20, 2010

Talking like an American

My husband and I are hoping that Daniel grows up learning 3 languages. Each of us speaks in our respective mother tongue (me French and my husband German), and he goes to school in English. Not surprisingly, over the last few months, English has become his main language by far. But we are still seeing progress in French or German. Slowly but surely, we hope he is getting closer to speak somewhat decenly in these languages. But he is probably a year away at least.
Daniel's English is also getting better every day. At age 2.5, he is now making complex sentences, and we can have serious discussions with him, about astronomy, business, science, etc... Very interesting.
Daniel is also sounding more and more like an American. This is surely related to his interactions at school. He regularly says things like: "what are you doing, guys?", "Cool", "Oh boy", "hi girl". I guess he really blends in with his American friends now...

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