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Dec 25, 2010

Merry Christmas!

We had a wonderful Christmas this year, and I hope you had too.

It was the first year Daniel realized what was going on, and he really got into the Christmas spirit. I heard that, at school, he loved to sing Christmas songs. He also played Santa a lot during these last few weeks, bringing presents to Charlotte in his sleigh. (and yes, I had to admit, I was sometimes involved as Rudolf!)

I was a little bit concerned about all the questions Daniel was asking about Santa. I for sure was expecting that he would see through things. First, he was very excited about Santa's visit at school last week. All week, he kept talking about Santa's visit, how he would go to hug him right away and ask him a lot of questions such as: will he park his reindeer in the parking lot? Can he come even if it rains? How does he climb in the chimney, does he need a cord? I was expecting that, after all this questioning, a lot of doubts would come in Daniel's mind.
However, during Santa's visit itself, Daniel became very shy, quite impressed, and he forgot all his questions. He was barely self-assured to walk up to Santa to get a candy cane. This is the power of Santa!

On Christmas Eve, Daniel was very excited. He kept looking through the windows to see if he could see Santa. He was wondering where the reindeer would go and if they could come without snow. It was so sweet! When we finally got him to bed (late), he staying sitting, trying to listen to any sound that could be Santa. There was a lot of commotion in the house, of us just putting the presents together. But fortunately, Daniel didn't get out of his room and he just thought we were just doing our typical activities. It was funny that Daniel was even hoping Santa would come and clean up his room while visiting. Ah, the magic of Santa. (sadly, this wish didn't happen, though)

Christmas morning was very nice too. The kids woke up very early, before they could see much in the living room. I think for a while Daniel was concerned that there was nothing to be seen (he also had no experience about what and where to look). He was just a little bit unsure. When he discovered the pile of presents, his eyes opened so wide. And so did they with every present he opened. It was very nice.

Charlotte did well too. She also saw Santa at daycare and let him take her in his arms without complaining too much (this was right before stranger anxiety kicked in big time). She went through the motions of Christmas morning very happily, which was a big relief.

I hope you had a great Christmas too. Merry Christmas!

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