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Dec 24, 2010

Not a good time for separation/stranger anxiety

Charlotte is growing very well, and becoming more interactive and physically active. I love seeing her coo and giggle with us, and reacting happily every time she sees me. Unfortunately, with the recognition of familiar faces comes a lot of separation/stranger anxiety. She used to be the easiest baby, but if I had any doubt about her ability to become assertive, it's gone now. Lately she has found a way to protest every time mama is not around.

It started a few weeks ago, where we noticed that Charlotte would start whining if we left her playing alone for a few minutes. Nothing major, but we realized that she had started noticing what was happening in her environment.

By now, things have blown to a full-scale separation anxiety phase. Charlotte cries when I leave her at daycare (which she never did in the 3.5 months before). It took her 3 days to accept being with my in-laws who had come to visit and play with her. She would get mad every time I would leave the room even though they were with her. More concerning, Charlotte started waking up often with nightmares at night, breaking the routine she had been so good at since age 7 weeks.

It's particularly bad timing since we are going to see a lot of new people in the next few weeks. First, my in-laws came to visit last week, and the transition was hard. In a few days, we will be meeting 7 other family members we haven't seen in a while. We will also be traveling to a new environment, which will not be helpful. By the time we return, Charlotte won't have been at daycare for 2 weeks. This promises to be a challenging couple of weeks.

Fortunately, she is such a fun baby when she is in a good mood. We can forgive her until she becomes more self-assured around new people (hopefully soon).

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