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Dec 22, 2010

Protective big brother super hero

As I mentioned recently, Daniel is currently fascinated by the idea of fighting against monsters. Any pretend play story can turn into something around a monster, having to hide and fight a monster. Daniel is obviously not scared of monsters, he always ends up beating the monster apart.

Recently, this interest turned into wanting to protect his baby sister, which was really cute. The first instance happened when I had to miss my weekly yoga class on Wednesday nights as my husband had to attend a business function. My cell phone alarm went off to let me know that it was yoga time. When I explained Daniel what the reminder was about and why I wasn't going to yoga tonight, he responded: "Mama, you should go to yoga. I can take care of Charlotte. I will give her her bottle." I then asked what he would do when she needed a new diaper for the night, and he very pragmatically said he would take his step stool to reach the changing table. Nothing could discourage him! He also reassured me that he would play by himself and not need me at all and I appreciated the thoughtfulness. He went on to explain that if a monster came to attack her, he would fight back. "So really, mama, you don't have to worry. Go to yoga and enjoy!" I was so touched!

A couple of days later, Daniel made a similar comment when a baby-sitter came to take care of him and Charlotte. He definitely didn't see the need for the sitter. He could take care of both of them after all. I tried to encourage him by saying that he was indeed a great big brother, but that their might be extreme situations where he might appreciate a little help, such as if Charlotte got sick or if there was a fire. It sounds like the prospect of these situations sounded more exciting than scary. Daniel continued to tell how he would carry Charlotte and make sure she would be OK. So sweet!

It would be great if he could continue to be as protective when the two of them start arguing over toys and parents attention! Wishful thinking?

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