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Feb 6, 2011

Happy 9-month birthday, Charlotte

We are getting close to the 1-year mark. Charlotte just turned 9-month, 3/4 year! She is definitely growing and able to do more every day, which is fun. But her expectations are also changing. She is almost ready to crawl, to stand up and walk. But she can't do it yet, and it's frustrating her a lot! No surprise, though. She is a heavy baby: she ranked at 99%-tile in weight and length during her 9-month visit. She has to learn to move all this weight.
Gone are the days when she was just happy playing on her playmat for hours. She is now interested in everything she hasn't explored before (in particular Daniel's toys what have small pieces and our kitchen cabinets!) So, she constantly asks for our help to get up and try to walk to these objects she is so curious about. I am very impatient for her to be completely self-sufficient. It's frustrating for all of us right now: for Charlotte because she doesn't get to do what she wants, for us because she requires a lot of attention and for Daniel because he is stuck waiting for us a lot. But Charlotte is very close. I hope that within the next few months, she will be able to move by herself. And then, other problems will start!
Socially, Charlotte is doing really well. Her separation anxiety didn't last very long, fortunately. I think that the Jamaica vacation with a lot of new people forced her to deal with strangers very quickly, and to realize that she could do well without me. She is usually very happy to see anyone and she loves to waive, laugh and babble to people. Her teachers at daycare call her the entertainer of the classroom. She is also starting to interact well with Daniel. She laughs when he made jokes and she tries to make him laugh. This is very cute. Charlotte is babbling a lot these days. We haven't recognized any specific word yet (although "Daniel" will most likely be her first real word), but she is definitely practicing a lot!
Sleeping has become more of an issue lately. She used to sleep so well as a baby, and now she wakes up a lot and has a hard time falling back asleep. We initially thought that this was separation anxiety or teething, and it might have been correct. But it looks like this has turned into Charlotte waking up and expecting to see us and pick her up in the middle of the night. Not fun! We are thinking that we might need to let her cry it out, but it's not easy when she is sharing a room with her brother (although he rarely wakes up anyways), and we are never sure whether she is really in pain. I remember Daniel going through a similar phase, but by the time he turned one, everything looked so much better. Just a few more months and we will be there (I hope)

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