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Feb 13, 2011

Negotiating skills

At 3 years, Daniel's language skills are now really good, and he is talking and understanding things better every day. His 2nd language, German, is also burgeoning. Since my in-laws' visit in December, he regularly makes entire sentences in German. I think French must be his weakest language right now, although his French vocabulary is very extensive. He hasn't mastered e sentence structure yet.

What is new are the negotiation skills. He is quickly becoming the master negotiator in this family (and it's not like there is no competition!).

Just this morning, he insisted that we should go see mountains with snow, so that he could ski. I first proceeded to explain that the mountains are far away, and weekends are too short to go all the way to Tahoe. He first suggested we just take a longer vacation, then he came up with the idea to take a plane instead of the car. Good thinking! I also explained that it was a little bit tricky with Charlotte, not being able to walk and ski. He quickly came up with an answer as well: we can take a sleigh for her. Problem solved!

And then, there was the other day, when he insisted on taking my husband's iPad to play his games. When my husband argued that he needed the iPad too, Daniel cleverly responded that he could use his iPhone to do the exact same things he was planning to do with the iPad anyways. Why complain then?

At this rate, it's becoming harder and harder to explain our decisions with logic. It's great to observe Daniel's resourcefulness and his ability to combine concepts to come up with solutions. It's getting harder, but I wouldn't have it any other way!

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