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Mar 5, 2011

Crawling baby!

We made it! Rather, she made it! Charlotte started crawling last week and it had changed her life. She had been so frustrated lately, trying to move but not being able to. Asking us to pick her up more than ever. Crawling started slow, initially jut one or 2 tentative steps, just enough to reach toys that were barely out of reach. These were not even real crawling moves: one of her legs kept staying straight. Then, she managed to master a couple of steps at a time. She was still very slow and would need to take a break regularly. After 3 or 4 days, she took off, and she is now zooming through the house, following us everywhere and choosing the toys she wants to play with (or anything else for that matter.. Time for us to set aside non-baby things!) She is so happy.

Interestingly Charlotte learned to sit up a few days before she started crawling. Then, within a few days she learned to stand up. The teachers seemed to find her quick progress impressive. Daniel had the exact same pattern too. It must be that all coordination reflexes kick in at he same time.

Charlotte has already been practicing walking for a while. And now that she can pull up, she started cruising around a lot. She is already pretty good. She barely needs one hand to walk. I think it's a matter of her taking a chance, and she will -hopefully- be walking pretty soon.

Then, another phase, with its ups and downs, will start!

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