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Mar 22, 2011

Transition to toddlerhood

36 more days... until Charlotte turns one. Interestingly, I have been eagerly counting the days until she turns one for the last month or so. I just can't wait! Since she started crawling she has become a different baby, slowly transitioning to becoming a toddler. She is now able to race through the house, following us wherever we go. She pulls up everywhere and is getting pretty good at cruising or walking holding just one hand. We expect that she will be walking pretty soon now.
She is very active and exploring things. For instance, she loved the water plays at the Discovery Museum over the weekend. she loves water in general. Bath times are a big party for her!

Also she has been doing a lot of talking lately. The first official word was about 2 weeks ago when she pointed at a picture of her brother and clearly said "Da". Since then, she has said words like "bye bye", "go" (which sounds more like "ga", but is clearly correlated with her trying to walk), "all done". She is starting to show interest in books, points at objects and babbles constantly.

I know that with Daniel, his first birthday was a turning point, where he clearly started communicating better and showed a better attention span. I am seeing Charlotte slowly but surely enter that toddler age that I enjoyed so much.

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