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Apr 18, 2011

What I will remind my 3 year-old of in 15 years

I mentioned last month that Daniel had been talking about preparing for college a lot, even though he is yeaaaaaaars away from it. It's really cute to hear him think through it at his age, since it leads to a lot of concerns, comments along the lines of "I don't want to leave you, mom and dad", sighs and hugs.

Yesterday, I had another moment that I wished to freeze as is and keep in a capsule when I need it in 15 years. We were on the Stanford campus (visited the Hoover Tower and the bookstore) and some teenagers were playing in the water fountain, climbing on the statue and just joking around. Daniel just couldn't understand why they would be doing this. He now understands that babies like Charlotte want to try everything, because they don't know better. But it was clear that these kids were older, and if he -at 3 years- knew that you are not supposed to play in the water fountain, these kids should too. Why would these bigger kids not know that? I had to explain that these kids probably know the rules already, but they are taking advantage of their parents not being here, to not listen.

This was just something Daniel couldn't comprehend (so thankful for that). He went on to tell me that, even when he is big, and if he is ever without mom and dad (which he doesn't want to do), he would still always be nice and remember what mom and dad taught him, and do the right thing.

Yeah, right... Can I remind him of this in 15 years?

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