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May 19, 2011

Long road to walking

I have been excited to see Charlotte develop and transition from the baby phase to the toddler phase. It started about 2 months ago, and in a lot of instances, she has really changed. She has a few words, starts being interested in books, wants to climb everywhere. Fun to watch. There is one area where she is not advancing very well, though. It's walking. She has been practicing walking for 6 months now, and she has all the technique she needs. But she is just too scared to try by herself. She doesn't even want to stand by herself. She drops as soon as we let go (although she is strong enough to hold by herself). It's starting to wear on me.

I feel that I can never let her go. When I pick her up from daycare, I have the choice of caring a 28-pound baby, or have her hold my hand to walk (which I usually do). But then, it means that I have only one arm free to carry bags, Daniel's art project of the day and any other random thing I need to carry. Also, I have no chance to run after Daniel should anything happen, since I am stuck with this toddler who threatens to fall down the second I let go. It's fine for a while, but it's been 2 months since we started this routine. I am tired. In general, she is really hanging to me for anything. And while I like the attention, I feel that I constantly have a bullet to slow me down.

I know it's just a phase, and within the next 3-6 months, it should become a non-issue. But I am just getting impatient. And I am not seeing a lot of progress to signal that the end is in sight. True, she started taking first steps by herself 2 weeks ago (they looked like she was throwing herself at me). At the time, it was a relief, and we thought that it would be quick from there. Once she overcame her fear, she would realize she can do it. Sadly, since then, Charlotte still hasn't made a lot of progress. Her appetite to take steps by herself is very limited and she needs a lot of encouragement to just to it a couple of times a day. One evening, she seemed to be past that phase, walking 3-4 feet between couches for 10 times with high self-confidence. Our hopes were up. This hasn't happened again since then. Back to square 1!

I know I need to be patient. There are a lot of other great things to enjoy about Charlotte right now. But the walking would make such a difference, I think! I know it will happen eventually and I will laugh at this post in a few months. Until then, please wish me a lot of patience.

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