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May 4, 2011

Today, I held a princess! Or How stereotype gender roles start...

The other day, on the way back from school, Daniel mentioned very proudly that he held a princess at school. I was very intrigued about what it could really be about. A princess, at school, what? As it turns out, one of the girls in Daniel's classroom had come to school with a nice, princess-like dress and a tiara. She wanted to pretend being a princess all day. And when she tried to climb on the school's climbing structure, she had difficulties. The dress was less than convenient for climbing. But no problem, here came the helping prince (aka Daniel) to the rescue. He helped her and held her when she made it to the top. He wanted to make sure she wouldn't fall. And this strong boy was later very proud of his actions!
Is this how gender stereotypes start? Will my little girl also want to wear princess dresses to school in a few years? Will she also need help from a strong and devoted young boy?
We never read fairy tales with Daniel, so I know this isn't the inspiration that drove him to "save a princess". I guess there is something in nature that drives girls and boys to their respective behaviors. I am currently not planing on buying Charlotte princess dresses, and i wouldnt have told her of the recent royal wedding even if she had been old enough. So we will see if she still ends up twisting my arm once she gets to the age of wanting to become a princess? Or if not having the option will mae her less interested in princesses?

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