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Jun 11, 2011


It took a while, but we are there! Charlotte is walking. It was a very long and progressive process. She was so cautious and not really motivated to walk, it seems. But after a long period of short attempts, she started walking everywhere last week. Now, she clearly favors walking over crawling when she wants to go to places. She doesn't need help any more, she refuses it. I feel like I got a life again! I can use my 2 hands when walking the kids to school or when going to the park. Obviously this comes with the risk of Charlotte walking in the wrong direction, to her will, and not necessarily to where we need to go. But I will take this over having to hold her everywhere.

I am very excited. Now that this hurdle is over, I feel that we are (well, she is) on a roll. She is getting very good at concentrating and playing with shapes. She is starting to point at objects and make sounds when we read books. She even seems to pretend reading any time she has a paper in her hand (even one of Daniel's drawings!) Her routine is getting easier. I have very high hopes for the next 6 months, given how I enjoyed the 12-18 month phase with Daniel. Looking at all the milestones he achieved at that age, I really look forward to going through this phase again.
Plus, we are also going to an "exotic" trip to Greenland with the kids in a few months. We went to Turkey with a toddler a few years ago, and it was was so much fun. I think she will be ready by then. Looking forward to our upcoming adventure!

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