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Jul 7, 2011

Blossoming baby

Charlotte took a long time to walk, and until then, she was somewhat shy and very dependent on us. This led to a lot of clinging, frustration when being put down, and not a lot of initiative. Not the most fun period of her life I would say.
But since she started walking a month ago, she has blossomed into this happy and energetic baby. She loves visiting the older classrooms at her daycare, walks confidently into Daniel's classroom (for 3-year olds), climbs everywhere at the playground, loves the water play area at Great America or Mitchell Park. There is no stopping her! All of a sudden, the familiar baby classroom at daycare has become unattractive, and Charlotte really tries hard to spend time with the toddlers next door instead (she is 2 months away from moving up officially, but as one of the oldest babies in her class, she is allowed to visit when space permits)

And her interactions are becoming so delightful! Her smiles when she sees us, priceless. So innocent and completely radiant! And the laughs, hugs and expressions. So cute! I find myself stopping in my actions when I see one of these smiles. Daniel is already past this phase, so I know this won't last. And I feel bad for him for paying so much attention to these little, almost insignificant things his sister does. He must be wondering why she is getting so much attention and not him. But I can't help. This is so cute. Wouldn't you agree?

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