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Sep 18, 2011

A redo of Pinnacles, with camping

This weekend, we tried camping with our kids (3.5 years old and 16 months old) for the first time. Daniel had been asking about camping for a while, he is curious about everything that sounds adventurous! Since we ourselves love outdoors, we wanted him to be able to experience the joys of camping sooner rather than later. We had talked about it for a few months already, but decided to wait for the end of the summer for 2 reasons: the weather wouldn't be too hot and Charlotte had a better chance to enjoy the trip.

It turned out it was a good decision. We went to Pinnacle National Monument, where we had visited the Bear Gulch Cave a few years ago. For our first test, we only spent 24 hours there, arriving in the afternoon and leaving on the next day. It was perfect. It allowed us to get things done at home before and after our trip, which was needed after a busy week. And the 24 hours were just what the kids needed to get a sense of the adventure without getting fussy. For Charlotte, it was clear that it was worth waiting a few more months. She thoroughly enjoyed the new experience in the nature, but she also showed signed that it was borderline too overwhelming, especially on the 2nd day.

As we arrived to the campground, it was still very hot and we could enjoy the pool before going back to our campsite where the kids loved playing with the many sticks available around us. We saw birds, turkeys and a deer in front of us, right in the campground! On the next day, we went back to Bear Gulch Cave, where Daniel the explorer led the way. It was a lot of fun to see him enjoy the adventure. And good to see he could hike the entire trail this time. Sadly, we were so busy enjoying our trip that we didn't take any photo.

Overall, it was a great first test for camping. We are thinking we will do this again more often now that the kids are older. Daniel is already asking to spend 5 nights in a row camping! We'll see.

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