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Mar 9, 2012

Ski weekend

Last weekend, we went skiing for the first time with the kids. Well, Daniel did the most skiing, and actually did a great job at it. He went to ski school twice in the morning, which gave him great foundation. And on the last day, he went down the big slope, happily turning and racing down the hill. He was so excited he was already able to take the chairlift.


Charlotte definitely wanted to do like the big people, and asked for skis as well. And I thought she would try skiing casually like Daniel had done during our Colorado trip 2 years ago. But she quickly realized that for some reason, she wasn't comfortable with the snow. She even refused to walk on the snow with her snow boots (even though she loved wearing them on dry ground). It was too bad. Every time we went outside, she kept whining and wanted to be carried. We still managed to convince her to try tubing, which she seemed to enjoy when she was in a good mood. (she kept alternating between saying "More" and "No")
I still managed to get a nice picture of her one of the moments she was happy (and not directly on the snow!)

We were very lucky with the weather. This winter hasn't been particularly wet, and the snow has been rare. We just caught one instance where it snowed for 2 days before we went. By the time we were there, the sun was shining again and offering very warm temperatures. By the end of our stay, the snow was starting to melt drastically! Lucky us!

We are hoping this will now be part of our annual tradition, and that Charlotte will have grown up enough next year to enjoy the fun.

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