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Apr 7, 2012

Different development milestones

I haven't written much about Charlotte's development, partly because I have been very busy. But also, because I am not sure what to think of her development. She is so much fun - and oh so cute- but she is on a very different path as Daniel. So this is requiring a little bit of adjustment.
For instance, Charlotte started walking much later than Daniel, and it happened after a long anticipation. That said, today in the playground, you wouldn't have noticed she had only been walking for 9 months. She was running everywhere, climbing on structures that were meant for 5-year olds and keeping up really well with Daniel.
In a lot of instances, she just follows along with big brother, and she is already pretty good at interacting with him. She follows Daniel's lead when he wants to draw (a passion these days). I don't remember Daniel's interest in drawing at that age. She seems to be quite decisive in her scribbles for her age.

Language is a different story, though. Yes, she has the drawback of being raised with 3 languages. But Daniel had it too. And he was already saying full sentences by the time he turned 2. Charlotte is a few weeks away from turning 2 and she is just starting to make 2-word sentences. And we have to encourage her a lot to say anything. Whining (and occasionally smiling) is still her main recourse to communicate. She also uses a lot of shortcuts, which part of me thinks is smart, but also wonder if she is just too lazy? For instance, she regularly associates an object with the environment it's used in, so that she de facto only needs to say one word instead of 2. "Jacket" becomes "Outside". "Glasses" becomes "Eyes". Etc... So she doesn't have a lot of unique words yet.

We know she understands everything, and she loves to "sing", albeit with few recognizable lyrics. And we have seen some good progress in the last few weeks. So hopefully, she will pick things up pretty quickly. And in 6 months from now, speaking will be a non-issue the same way the delay in walking is now something from the past. We will be watching, hm, listening...

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