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Apr 1, 2012

Drawing phase and more Cars 2

As I wrote a few weeks ago, Daniel has been going through a phase of fascination around Cars 2 (going on 3 months now!). And here is the rest of it. He has been watching the movie several time, knows most lines by heart, continues to ask questions to understand every single turn of the story. He is definitely processing it and trying to understand the characters' motivations and feelings. It's very interesting to see how he is trying to dissect it and understand everything.
At the same time, Daniel has been making great progress in drawing. He loves practicing drawing people, trees, animals. He has a whole series of drawings about our family in a garden and all kinds of "accessories". It was a matter of time until he could combine his passion for Cars 2 and his drawing prowess. Here is the result.

Presenting to you:
The Wasabi Scene from Cars 2, with autograph.

If you know the story, you might recognize Mater, taking the tray full of wasabi (at the bottom), the platform with Lightning McQueen and Axelrod and the water fall. At the back is Professor Z. Pretty good, huh? OK, I might be biased, but it's still pretty exciting. Very first drawing with story!

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