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Jun 23, 2012

Loving our Saturday morning routine

By the time the weekend comes around, I am usually more than exhausted by the work week. When the kids wake us up on Saturday mornings, I think with nostalgia of the time when I could sleep in as much as I wanted and quickly recover from a busy week. But, this isn't in the cards at this point, so I might as well enjoy the cuddles, the smiles and the silly things, and get us ready for our fun Saturday morning routine. While the first couple of minutes are always the hardest, I have really come to enjoy our Saturday mornings. There is nothing that a good cup of coffee and a great workout can't overcome. So, here we go.
After our breakfast, the kids and I pack 3 different bags (and the occasional birthday present if we ended up topping our activities with a birthday party) and get going. First stop: workout for mama at Dailey Method, which offers a great daycare for the kids. They typically run to the slide the first minute we come in, and never look back. They have fun, and I get a real excuse to wake up. It's a tough workout, and the hour sometimes feels long. But by the end of it, I usually have a lot of energy and I am so glad I went through it. I definitely notice the benefits through the rest of my week, which is very useful.

After the class, we make our way to Daniel's piano class via a pit stop at Jamba Juice. Daniel has been taking piano classes for almost a year and he really enjoys them. We found these classes at Penpiano, that cater towards 3-4 years old. Very well done. Daniel at his first piano recital During Daniel's lesson, Charlotte and I hang out at the library next door, which happens to offer Story Time right at the same time. Perfect. Charlotte loves singing and dancing, and she enjoys the show.
Finally, our morning ends at the Menlo Park pool, where Daniel attends swim classes and Charlotte enjoys the baby pool (at least in the summer). They both have a blast!
By the time we go home, we have all had a lot of fun and time as a family, and I have found a renewed energy. It's a busy schedule, but it's something I have come to enjoy. And on the days, I am still very tired, I know that when these activities are over, the kids are ready for a long nap... and I can rest too. 

And if this is not enough, roles are reversed on Sundays, so my husband gets to take the kids out while I get some rest. His routine is slightly different: breakfast, playground, shopping. But I know the 3 of them enjoy it too. So, it's all good. And, it's more than what we used to do on weekends a couple of years ago, when we were still getting used to the routine with kids. Now that they are older, it's really starting to be fun and I am sure it will continue to evolve towards more interesting activities. Can I hold on to this new routine for a while, before they get even older, though?
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