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Victoria Fall, Zimbabwe: an unexpected but awesome destination

At the tail end of our trip to South Africa , we spent 3 days in Zimbabwe, visiting Victoria Falls and surroundings. We had heard of Victoria Falls for a long time, and we figured that we wouldn't come back to Africa for a while, so it was now or never. The flight from Johannesburg was quite convenient, so we were able to tag on a few days at the end of our trip. Victoria Falls didn't disappoint. Actually, after a somewhat disappointing safari experience in South Africa, we loved seeing the wild life in Zimbabwe. We stayed at the beautiful hotel Victoria Falls Safari Lodge . It was Amazing! The hotel has a beautiful view of the savanna below it, with a nice water hole, and you could spend all day watching the wild animals coming and going to the water hole. It was such a nice show right in front of us. View form the terrace at Victoria Falls Safari Lodge The lodge also organized a very traditional evening of local food and dances. It was interesting to say the least. We got to

South African trip - Summer 2017 (i.e. Winter in Cape Town)

We had been remembering fondly our safari in Tanzania in 2005, and had just been talking about going back there with the kids, discussing when our youngest would be old enough to enjoy a safari. Right at that moment, the opportunity came to us in the form of an auction, where we won a 5-day stay at a beautiful safari lodge in South Africa. The deal was sealed: we were going to go to South Africa, with a 9, 7 and 4 years old. Gulp! We figured that, if we wanted to make it worth it flying around the world, we should stay in South Africa for longer than just 5 days of Safari, so we included a few stops along the way and an extension of our trip into Zimbabwe (Victoria Falls), which was a very nice surprise and exceeded our expectations. The below is our itinerary and experience. A few tips for anyone interested in visiting South Africa. 1. Summer in the Northern Hemisphere means winter in South Africa. While this wasn't an issue for the safari portion of the trip (the days were short