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National Parks in the Western US

If you have been following our travels, you know that we love to travel internationally, with our recent trips in Morocco and Spain , or Costa Rica . However, this summer we stayed "close" and went to visit the wonderful National Parks in the West of the United States. It was a pretty good adventure as we rented a Sprinter to visit the parks, which allowed us to move quickly between parks and enjoy some active outdoor time throughout. It was busy but we loved it. Note that many of the National Park campgrounds book out early, especially for key summer dates, so it's important to plan early. Our itinerary was as follows: Day 1: Fly into Las Vegas; get a hold of the Sprinter and drive toward Zion. We stayed at a cute campground called Zion River Resort. Day 2: We had an amazing day of visiting Zion, which included several hikes throughout the park. The highlight was hiking/swimming! through the Narrows, a canyon that is overflown by water when it gets too narrow. We finish