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Italy and Malta with kids

2018 was the year when we finally went back to Italy after a 10-year break. We were so excited to show Italy to the kids. We spent a good part of the last few months telling the kids about Italy and getting them very excited! (I was concerned they might get disappointed after we had built so much anticipation!) But we had a great time, visiting old buildings, learning about history and eating our way through Italy. We had planned to visit Italy from North to South (mostly traveling by train), with a final stretch to Malta, which was a new and interesting destination for us adults. We started out in Venice, where we had planned to spend the first 3 days, to recover from the trip and enjoy and easy transition to the more active part of our stay. It worked out pretty well because our flight to Frankfurt got delayed and we missed our connection... so we lost 1/2 day on the way there (although we enjoyed a nice evening in Frankfurt too).  In Venice, we kept activities pretty low key. When w