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Aug 9, 2009

Yellowstone vacation, Day 2

Our second day at Yellowstone started with a hearty breakfast at our hotel, the Old Faithful Inn (large, old, wooden building... beautiful), and an encounter with a bison. One of many during this trip.
Old Faithful Inn
Old Faithful Inn
We then proceeded with a 1.5-hour hike along the geysers in Old Faithful, a very interesting collection of various geological formations: big, small, active, dormant, predictable, irregular, etc...

Hike around Old faithful geysers
geyser at Old Faithful

geyser at Old Faithful
By the late morning, we started our drive to the Lake Area via Madison and the Canyon. Daniel fell asleep in the car per his regular nap schedule, and we were able to do some sightseeing from the car. Daniel was well refreshed when we arrived at the Canyon section (although I inadvertently woke him up a few miles before when I spotted a bison by the road).
Bison by the road
bisoon at Yellowstone
So we went to visit the South section of the Canyon. The sights from the Artists Point at the very end are fantastic: a big waterfall in the distance, yellow shades on one side of the canyon, pink-reddish colors on the other. Unfortunately, we caught a thunderstorm while we were there, so we probably didn't see the canyon with the best light. Still, it was beautiful.

Yellowstone Canyon, Artist Point
Artist Point, Yellowstone Canyon
Artist Point, Yellowstone canyon

We continued our drive towards the lake while the drizzle continued. We stopped by Sulphur Canyon (which seems to be a great spot for bisons... we could see many of them both times we passed by) and Mud Volcano.
Sulphur Canyon and a bison family
Sulphur Canyon and bisons

Given the weather, we went straight to our hotel by the lake after these visits. We enjoyed a nice, relaxing evening inside. The hotel has a great view to the lake (by then, the weather had cleared up a little), and a string quartet was playing in the lobby while we could enjoy drinks and dinner.

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