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Oct 4, 2009

14 days of Gratitude Challenge and...

... I love it! It hasn't completely changed my world, and I haven't discovered a completely new wisdom for my life. But I like having the daily reminders to see the positive in all situations, good or bad, and appreciate what I have. It's so refreshing.
What has become clear is that I cherish the time with my family and friends more than anything else.
Even when I complain about Daniel starting to show signs of the Terrible 2 phase, or when I think my husband could do more to help, I know this is nothing against the joy I have to spend my life with them. And when I get distracted from calling my friends because of some trivial reason, I am reminded that they are important too, and that I should keep in touch. Everything else can wait.
So, here is to 2 weeks of Gratitude Challenge. I look forward to week 3 and what I will discover/be reminded off in the last stretch.


  1. Howdy! Just stopping by to say Hai!!

    I found your blog through another site. It's pretty nifty. :) I think I'll be visiting daily to read up on your posts.

    Have a great week! :)

  2. Thanks. Glad you like my blog. I like being in touch with other bloggers, so I look forward to seeing you on my blog or reading yours.