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Apr 19, 2010

Introducing a more thoughtful Greeting Card by Tinyprints

It's been a while since I posted... Been busy preparing for baby #2, moving (more on this in my next post) and working. Yes, a lot of work. I usually don't talk much about work on this blog, but I needed to share my excitement about Tinyprints' new Greeting Cards.
We launched last week, and have gotten really good feedback about our new product. No wonder, it's meant to be a breakthrough in the way people buy and send Greeting Cards.
First, you can customize your greeting card with pictures, your own text, signature, etc...
Then, you can decide to have them sent to you if you want to give to the recipient in person, or Tinyprints can send them directly for you.
Also, Tinyprints makes it easy for you to manage all your Greeting Cards needs: there is a calendar where you can add all your key events, select and order your greeting cards in advance, see a list of the cards you already ordered. So, in just a few minutes, you can create unique greeting cards for all important people in your life. They are going to be so impressed!

Even my husband, who is not a big card person, loved the birthday card I made for him last week, with a picture of our son, and a personal note that was a lot more relevant than the standard text you get in drug strore cards.

We have a lot of stylish designs for all key occasions (birthday cards, mother's day cards, anniversary cards, graduation cards, etc...). We will be adding even more in the next few weeks.

So, what are you waiting for? Check them out, and sign up for the free subscription. you will also get 3 free cards. Being able to send unique, custom cards at no cost? Now, that's a deal you can't miss! I hope you enjoy the product as much as I do.

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